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There's infinite, copious amounts of knowledge floating around out there but how do you know what's credible and what's just plain wrong? CredibleFind encourages users to share helpful references, resources, concepts, assignment aids, and study guides with others through the new discoveries module.

Search for something specific with the smart search section and retrieve instant results best suited to answer your question or see what's trending to stay on track and learn something new.

Its frustrating going through a number of web sites before finding a solution to a problem. Now there is a good chance that someone else would have also searched for the same thing a few weeks- months ago. It would have been great if the other person had made a note after finding the solution. CredribleFind is the place to share these solutions.

Everybody who is experienced in an area of knowledge has a set of favourite websites with reliable information. Using CredibleFind it is possible to share these with people who are unfamiliar with the speciality so that they can have access to reliable informotion.

With CredibleFind, knowledge becomes accessible, convenient, and reliable.


How it Works

Welcome to the world’s largest source of reliable and credible information. CredibleFind supports the distribution of knowledge through an innovative platform that encourages experts and members to share their resources, guides, and references. The Internet has given humanity the opportunity to advance and support one another, and through CredibleFind we simplify solutions and organize knowledge in an easily digestible medium available to everyone on the planet.

Whether members are searching for helpful study guides for school or are simply searching for a credible answer to an important question, our community provides a plethora of resources waiting to be discovered.

Because we are dedicated to making it as easy as possible for our members to share information and find it, we’ve created an organized format that takes you directly to what you are looking for. Here is a brief overview of our most important features and how to use them.


Here you will find the most popular resources, information, and recent additions to our library all in one easy to navigate location. Browse through it to discover new knowledge and expand your understanding.

My Discoveries:

The My Discoveries section will list all of your “liked” resources so you can easily access them once you log in. If you’re doing research for a homework assignment, this page will hold all of the information you’ve saved.

New Discoveries:

On this page you’ll be able to share your personal wealth of knowledge to help other students with school or to supply information that others may be searching for within credible guidelines. Fill out the form and post either as a logged in member or as an anonymous user.


List created by CredibleFind Users containing related Results or Discoveries. It is analogous to a "playlist" of related songs or videos.

Although we cater to students and those attending university or college, we are also here to help any and all who wish to find a reliable answer to their question. We also welcome university graduates and experts of all kinds to share their information with our users. Together we can create a well-informed world.



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